Instructors & Staff 



Oakley Clark 
Sofia Clark

Sofia has been a rider all of her life, competing in the juniors and then attending Skidmore College where she took Equine Studies classes and riding instruction.  In 2005 she started a summer pony camp at the Twitchell Hill Farm Homestead and it all took off from there!  Sofia teaches and coaches beginners through junior jumper students; she combines positive cheerful energy in her teaching and coaching with the highest standards for excellence in horsemanship and equitation.




Oakley’s journey through the professional horse world started in Vermont but soon branched out to Quebec, Canada where he was a jumper rider and working student with Laurie Bucci.  He turned professional in 2013, training and coaching at Twitchell Hill. Soon however his talent caught the eye of George H. Morris and he started working for GHM at clinics and riding for him in Florida at WEF in 2013.  In the winter of 2014 he worked for Havens Schatt (and learned more about the hunter world.) In 2015 and 2016 he worked as a rider and assistant trainer at Heritage Farm for Andre Dignelli. Oakley had returned to Twitchell Hill Farm for the 2017 show season; currently showing at WEF he will be on staff starting in April 2017.  

Sue Perna 

Sue Perna is the Twitchell Hill Farm Barn Manager where the most careful and best care is our constant objective.


   Twitchell Hill Farm LLC is 100% owner managed and staffed! A family operation.