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Board and Care 

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Care and Services 
Supplements as determined by your horse's needs (you provide your own SmartPak)
Deworming (based on FEC performed by veterinarian) either $10 (ivermectin and strongid) or $15 (equimax and quest). Deworming done as per veterinary advice. 
Veterinarians - we also will schedule routine veterinarian visits with Balanced Rhythms and be there to hold your horse, although billing will be done directly to you by them. 
Farrier - Jeff Myrick - We schedule, meet with, hold horse, consult with, and pay your farrier with a farm check to keep him as happy and attentive to your horse's needs as possible and then we do the paperwork and bill you!
This service is provided to maximize the potential for keeping your horse's feet in top shape, so that you are always able to ride and compete.
(No need to schedule the farrier's visit, get there to catch and hold your horse, and wait around to meet the farrier).  
Body and other Clipping - Clipping offered per request.


Join our barn family! 

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Boarding Policies 
       Complete Board  

• Includes own stall in the main barn in Cornwall

• Daily (or nightly in summer) turn-out

• Blankets/boots on and off

• Hold for farrier (and payment to farrier added to your bill)

• Hold for and consult with veterinarian.

• Administer medications/treatments as required. 

• All feed: PREMIUM QUALITY Triple Crown grain (except special supplements), PREMIUM HAY (made on the farm). 

• Bedding with stalls cleaned twice daily

• Best possible care and attention with knowledge horsemen's eyes on your horse every day.

• Use of facilities for rider.

Boarder pays for training rides and lessons as needed.


Full Training Board

• Includes everything as Complete Board and as many training rides and lessons as you or your horse require.


Please contact Us for Prices.   


                                  Boarding Contract: 


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Halloween Barn 2021!
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