Board and Care 

Having trouble with your Horse?


We offer training for horses as well.


We can take your young horse on Full Training Board, and work with you to create a bond and partnership within which you and your horse can achieve mutual goals for performance and/or competition.


Or, we can take your horse for the short term to address any problem issues (loading? ground-work? etc.).


Call Sue Perna at:   802-777-1474

Care and Services 
Supplements as determined by your horse's needs (you provide your own SmartPak)
Rice Bran Oil is fed in winter months (October-March) and billed at $10 per month per horse.  Chia is also an available option at $15 per month. 
Deworming (based on our 5x annual rotation) either $10 (3x annually; ivermectin and strongid) or $15 (2x annually; equimax and panacur). Deworming done on "odd number" months except in January or as needed per animal/veterinary advice. 
Veterinarians - we also will schedule routine veterinarian visits with Balanced Rhythms and be there to hold your horse, although billing will be done directly to you by them. 
Farrier - Jeff Myrick - We schedule, meet with, hold horse, consult with, and pay your farrier with a farm check to keep him as happy and attentive to your horse's needs as possible and then we do the paperwork and bill you!
This service is provided to maximize the potential for keeping your horse's feet in top shape, so that you are always able to ride and compete.
(No need to schedule the farrier's visit, get there to catch and hold your horse, and wait around- our farrier never runs late! - to meet the farrier).  
Body and other Clipping - $120 full-body clip, $80 trace, $60 legs/head (drugs extra as needed), mane pulling priced per animal. 
Dressage Clinics with Catie Hill; semi-private $70 / private or Catie rides your horse $90
Trailering: prices based on mileage @ $1.50 per mile (or less for full trailer to a show). 
Commissions: sales and off-farm acquired leases will be 10% with a $500 minimum



Agreement 2020

Boarding Terms & Conditions:


  • An approved riding helmet must be worn when riding by all riders. Proper footwear must be worn when riding and no open toe shoes in the barn.

  • First month’s board must be paid prior to horse arriving at THF.

  • Each month’s board is due on the first of the month; a bill will be provided which will include the board fee for the coming month plus any other fees incurred (farrier, deworming, medications, lessons, etc) from the previous month.

  • Late payment after 6 days will incur a $10 penalty per day.

  • THF reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time and boarder will be required to remove their horse within 30 days of notice.

  • Similarly, THF requires 30 days notice by boarder to terminate this contract. All outstanding bills must be paid to THF before the horse leaves the property.

  • THF LLC, it’s owners, employees or representatives will not be held liable for injury, death, sickness, disease, theft, loss or mutation of horse or rider. The boarder assumes all risks connected with boarding their horse at the stable and using the facilities.

  • THF has the right to raise board prices at their discretion with a 30 day notice.

  • Damage to stalls, paddocks, or other parts of the facility caused by  a horse (other than normal wear and tear) will be billed to owner. 

Board Pricing & Policies 
Board is payable the first of each month, along with previous month’s services.

Complete Board    $700* per month  

• Includes own stall in the main barn at Hibernia

• Daily (or nightly in summer) turn-out

• Blankets/boots on and off

• Hold for farrier (and payment to farrier added to your bill)

• Hold for and consult with veterinarian.

• Administer medications/treatments as required. 

• All feed: PREMIUM QUALITY Poulin Grains (except special supplements), PREMIUM HAY. 

• Bedding with stalls cleaned daily

• Best possible care and attention with knowledge horsemen's' "eyes" on your horse every day.

• Use of facilites for rider. 


See below for Boarding Contract “Terms & Conditions”

Exercise Board    $900 per month

• Includes everything as Complete Board plus exercise of horse when rider cannot be present, or as necessary (up to 8 rides per month plus 8 lungings; normal values of $480 for only $200 additional charge).  We will also give your horse extra TLC when you are not there!  (grooming; hoof picking, etc.) This price is for rehabilitation board as well.



Full Training Board    $1200 per month

• Includes everything as Complete Board plus 3 training sessions of  horse and 2 lessons per week; or for young horses 4 training sessions per week plus other exercise and "TLC" as needed.  

Rough Board    $500 per month at THF home barn only: this is available only to ponies and small horses without shoes.

 * owners who are currently paying lower monthly board will maintain

current pricing for as long as we are able, while new owners will pay above prices




Prices / Policies for       2019-20


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