Horse & Pony Leases


Leasing your own horse or pony at THF is a great way for students to practice what they have learned during their lessons and to learn the demands of horse ownership. Our 1/2 lease program allows you to lease one of our horses or ponies 3 days a week while THF continues to care for and maintain your leased horse or pony.


We also offer full lease programs of select school and show horses or ponies. Students must continue weekly riding lessons while leasing one of our horses or ponies. See our Sales and Leases list below to see our latest offerings or contact us for a personal appointment. 

The price of Leases are negotiated case by case, but are in principal based on the appraised value or sale price of each animal. 


We can help you work out a budget which best meets your needs for competition, schooling, lessons, and hacking our lovely trails.



Please inquire about sales and on/off farm leases   802-777-1474


ziggy chris.jpg

Inzagi Van Heiste 

Billy Irish

billy and oakley.jpg
fantasia 2020 saratoga.jpg


Quadrant de Revel 

grace quadrant jumping NEEC.jpg
biscuit and thea.jpg

Rain Beau Creek 

Sircee Biscuit

rain beau creek champion bromont 2021_edited.jpg